Own boat tuition

Whether you own a sail boat, a motor boat, a tender or a RIB the world is your oyster. We can offer any RYA course applicable to the vessel type and your experience or training tailored to your needs.

Do you need testing for your ICC?

For clients who already have a foreign licence or who have no formal licence but who can already handle and drive a yacht we offer ICC testing. It is a comprehensive test covering both the practical and theoretical sides of using a yacht. No matter how much experience someone has nobody really enjoys being examined, we therefore try to create a relaxed atmosphere where a client can best demonstrate their natural abilities. Whilst this is a test we will offer ideas and advice throughout the day to help the client achieve the best result they can. With safety and the security of boat and crew foremost our aim is to pass the candidate whenever possible!

The exam will take a full day to successfully complete, the client should have an experienced crew member to help throughout the day. Before booking they should carefully study the test and be confident that they know all parts of it, if you need an extra day or two which will help bring you up to speed we are happy to provide this.

Perhaps you have nervous crew?

We can come along and spend some time helping them understand what is going on and building their confidence. At the same time if the skipper needs help or advice we will be more than pleased to share our experience with them.

Would you like to handle the boat more confidently?

By setting a day aside and investing a relatively small amount of money we will demonstrate and teach the techniques and methods used to perfect difficult manoeuvres. Without a doubt this training will change and enhance the overall enjoyment of boat ownership. For just €300.00 we will spend a full day on your boat helping you to achieve calm and professional handling in the marina.

Thinking about taking the Yachtmaster exam?

There is no specific RYA course which prepares you for the exam which leads to this prestigious qualification, therefore we look at your strengths and bring your overall performance to the highest level possible. An in depth knowledge of all parts of the RYA Yachtmaster theory is essential before you take the exam, we can help fill in the gaps.

Every YM preparation course will be different, we pride ourselves in achieving a pass rate in excess of 90% and over the 5 days leading up to the exam we will take you through all aspects that will be covered during the exam. The examiner wants to see you demonstrate a deep knowledge of both practical and theoretical skills, he also wants your crew to be enjoying themselves and for you to be managing them in a friendly and constructive way. On a motor boat the exam lasts 6-8 hours, a sailing boat from 8-10 hours.


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